Masochism at its finest

Do you want the definition of screwing oneself over? Remember how bad Tuesdays suck for me? Well, something possessed me to sign up for a double shift in the writing center tonight AND book a tutorial with my professor during the only free hour of my day. And the rotten cherry on top of the whole spoiled sundae is that I have to miss the tree lighting tonight because it happens during my applied comm class. Tragic! Christmas lights are my favorite.

And tomorrow's going to be sucky, too; I have this group project that we haven't really worked on and so I'm going to have to write a press release, create a logo, and design a poster tomorrow, in between trying to compensate for lack of going to chapel EVER, babysitting three hours, and going to the writing center about my research paper, which HAS to happen tomorrow or I get points off the final paper. And I just realized I haven't logged a single hour of my lab time for my applied comm class. See, what did I tell you: screwed.

Ranting aside... the sun is shining and the world is beautiful, and I am happy.


In true twelve-days-of-Christmas fashion, here is a re-cap of the past month, since it was notable in a whole bunch of different ways:

Wrote 12 paragraphs of my epic fantasy story,
Spent $11 on half a tank of gas,
Only had 10 days of classes,
Discovered 9 hours of sleep is MORE than enough,
Played 8 holes of disc golf,
Made it to 7 chapels,
Left school at 6AM to shoot a movie,
Ate 5 carnivorous meals,
Went to 4 concerts,
Chilled with 3 bands,
Spooned 2 guys, and
Broke 1 heart.

Song of the day:


saraphimiscool said...

my compy finally stopped being buhtarded and decided to let me read your blog again. so for an intermission before i go back to work, i'm leaving you a post.

i love your "twelve-nights-of-Christmas"ey thing. that $11 seems like you were scraping for something though...although i AM glad gas is going least for a little while.

but yeah. it was cleaver...and incredibly relevant.

hope your tuesday doesn't break your endorphin high. C: i'll see you...hopefully before we go home for christmas break.

love always,

And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

so, you have stress too? guess so.
and for the twelve nights forgot to repeat all in subsequent

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