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New "Winter Passing" video from William and Jack!

I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed. On the bright side, it's a 4-and-a-half-minute video of William's gorgeous face, which is what the fans want (and I won't deny that I'm right there with them ^_^), but it doesn't really do anything. There's no story to it, no conflict. It's just a pretty man walking around and playing an acoustic guitar (be still my heart!). Bill needs to work on matching his mouth to the words; even a "modest" video filmed in a couple of days kind of needs that one crucial element of the guy singing actually looking like he's singing. And Jack, no offense, but the "artistic" out-of-focus stuff is too overused to look like anything other than "oh, this guy's trying to be artistic."

But hey, the two of you threw it together in a couple of days, and it was what, 3 degrees out? Kudos to you for that. And kudos to William for having the prettiest face ever or I wouldn't have a reason to play this back again.....


Dee said...

I agree with you in that. And still, my fav video Jack's made is 40 Steps.

maybe when I have a family of my own they will give me a christmas spirit... right now everything just seems fake to me and I don't like that :/

Mandemonium said...

That one does look really great. Of course, Jack didn't need to match Bill's lips to the words, which makes it a heck of a lot easier. But yeah, some of the slow-motion stuff was really good and I especially like the part with the cell phone lights. Brilliant =)

Why must rock stars abuse their instruments at the end of a show...?

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