Boredom begone! Pt. III

My darling Jenniferin!
1. You can do a mean caramel dance.
2. Zephyr, or any of those songs I gave you on that mix - Mr. Wonderful, Bumblebee. Haha.
3. Turnips.
5. ^ Same as above. XD
6. A dancing hamster? I don't know. You don't really make me think of an animal, lol.
7. How are you so good at not caring what people think of you? That is so rad.
8. I know you've always got my back - and thank God for that!!
9. Your turn!


I lost one of my favorite earrings. It's a little silver wing if anyone comes across it. Isn't it tragic how we only ever lose our favorite earrings? =(

I baked Christmas presents today! I wish I had a Santa hat to wear while I deliver them. Tie Dye Brian said he'd get me one but I think he was kidding. I hope.

In other news, Boyfriend and I officially decided we're together. Happyhappyhappy! Now I REALLY can't wait to go home. But this does leave me with the perplexing question of what does one give a boyfriend for Christmas...?


Anonymous said...

aww yay! i'm really happy for you! i can't wait for you to come home either cuz i miiiiisss yoooou

jenniferin said...

If I recall what you told me, your boyfriend is a music fan, so perhaps a mix cd would be best

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